Archeological Adventures Come to Life in Pigeon Forge

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The Tomb in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Wander along the sidewalks of Pigeon Forge's premier shopping center, Walden's Landing, and you'll find quaint storefronts, sidewalk cafes, and…an Egyptian pyramid? It may seem out of place amid the small-town style architecture, but the newest attraction in family-friendly Pigeon Forge promises lots of excitement for everyone.

Interactive Fun for All Ages

More than just a fancy fa├žade, the pyramid, known as Tomb Family Adventure, offers an interactive adventure for children and adults alike. Step inside and you're immediately transported to the land of the pharaohs as the sights and sounds of the pyramids surround you. You'll encounter statues, hieroglyphs, and ornate columns as you explore the depths of Tomb. Like Indiana Jones on a quest for ancient relics, you'll discover secret doorways and hidden rooms that conceal the "bones" of those adventurers not lucky enough to escape.

You see, this isn't passive entertainment. You and your group, with the aid of a guide, must navigate the twists and turns of Tomb by solving a variety of brain-teasing puzzles. Follow the clues and work together as a team, and you might just see daylight again. Fail the final test, though, and you'll be escorted through the swirling blue lights of the death hallway. Challenges include reproducing a complicated series of musical notes, deciphering hieroglyphs, and carefully adjusting pillars to uncover secret passageways before progressing to the next level.

Children as young as seven will enjoy the hands-on games, and you'll love the heart-pounding excitement as virtual snakes surround your ankles and massive stone ceilings threaten to crush everyone as you try madly to solve the next puzzle. This Hollywood-style entertainment masterpiece is a thrilling adventure, but there's nothing truly frightening or gory inside Tomb. Think of it as a live-action video game the whole family can enjoy.

The attraction boasts a fully customizable experience in which guides are able to change the level of difficulty based on a group's preferences and abilities. Whether this is your first visit or your fifth, you'll be challenged anew at every turn.

Vacation Activities to Suit Every Taste

Pigeon Forge, known for its friendly atmosphere, southern charm, and Appalachian heritage, offers plenty to see and do for the whole family. Shopping, theme parks, and dinner theater are just a few of the attractions you'll find in this favorite vacation destination.

Local arts and crafts fairs attract visitors from all over the country, while the magnificent scenery brings nature lovers back year after year. Whether your travel plans include relaxing in a quiet meadow in the Great Smoky Mountains or roaring down a wild roller-coaster track, chances are you'll find just what you're looking for in Pigeon Forge.

And now you can even experience one of the great wonders of the ancient world – no dusty trek through a Middle Eastern desert required. Just a short hop to Eastern Tennessee will satisfy your inner Indiana Jones, exercise your brain, and give your entire family a vacation they'll remember for a lifetime.

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Find the clues to escape this game.
It is getting a little close in here.
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