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Camping In The Smokies

Tent camping in the national park.It's practically an instinctive reaction for anyone when booking vacation accommodations: Find a hotel or motel that's close to all the things you want to do and see in your getaway destination. And yes, hotels and motels-just like rental cabins and condos-have a lot of positive things going for them, such as convenient locations and lots of amenities. But we'd like to challenge that old habit. Maybe next time you hit the road, you should consider some form of camping.

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Winterfest In The Smokies

Sky Bridge gets festive lights for holidays.Winter doesn't officially arrive for another five weeks or so, but that hasn't stopped the communities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville from getting a head start on the season. These Smoky Mountain communities have already commenced their annual Winterfest activities, which run from November through February. The festival is four months' worth of decorations, special events and observations, all geared toward celebrating everything that's great about the Great Smoky Mountains and the tourist destinations that lie in their foothills.

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5 Things To Do On A Fall Day In The Smokies

Travel in the national park this fall.Summer has traditionally been the peak season for tourism in the Great Smoky Mountains. Schools are out, and it's the time when most folks choose to take their vacations. It only makes sense that June, July and August are the busiest months for leisure travel in the Smokies.

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5 Ways To Stay Fit When Vacationing In The Smokies

Ride your bike in the mountainsFor some of you, the very notion of staying fit on vacation is almost an oxymoron. “Half the fun of being on vacation is eating poorly and being lazy!” we can hear you saying at this very moment. And to some extent, that's a valid argument. But for those of you who are generally health-conscious and don't feel comfortable taking a vacation from your workout regimen, here are a few creative suggestions for ways to work some calorie burning and fitness into your travel plans.

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A Hike On Middle Prong Trail

Hike the middle prong trailLooking for an easily accessible hike in the Great Smoky Mountains that's pretty easy and offers some gorgeous waterfall scenery? Consider spending an hour or so hoofing it along the Middle Prong Trail, which is located near the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, inside the national park.

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High-Velocity Outdoor Attractions in the Smokies

Race your buddies at this high velocity attraction in Pigeon ForgeIf you've had your fill of boring beach vacations, and long, slow days meandering through dusty antique stores doesn't thrill you, then your vacation plans need a shot of adrenalin. Sounds like it's time for a fast and furious adventure attraction in the Great Smoky Mountains, where speed and excitement combine to make your trip a non-stop adventure.

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