5 Reasons To Travel With A Group To The Smokies

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Chances are that if you've been to the Great Smoky Mountains before, you went with either your spouse/significant other or your family, including the kids. But next time you plan a trip back to the Smokies, consider getting a group of people together. Traveling with six, eight or even 10 or more people in one party has a lot of advantages, both practical and intangible. Continue reading to learn just a few:

It's fun

That old adage “The more the merrier” is true. There's just something about getting a bunch of people together that seems to add a certain dynamic energy to the trip. The laughs come a little easier, and having more people traveling together takes the pressure off any one person having to be responsible for all the details of trip planning and execution.

It's a bonding experience

Whether you're putting together a family reunion, a church retreat or a group from work getting away for some off-site time, sharing travel time tends to bring people together. This applies when everyone's participating in a fun activity like a hike or visiting an attraction or dining out. But even when challenges present themselves, a negative experience or unexpected bump in the road can also go a long way toward bringing travel buddies closer together.

It's more cost-effective

Traveling as a group has financial advantages. Depending on the size of your group, you might be able to get discounts on tickets to attractions in the Smokies, and if you're booking one a Wears Valley cabin rentals, you'll find that everyone splitting the cost of a large cabin compares favorably to everyone getting individual hotel or motel rooms.

There's something for everyone

Of course, the more people you have involved in a traveling group, the harder it can sometimes be to suit everyone's preferences. But that's not really an issue in the Smokies. There's something here for everyone, whether you're talking about outdoor fun, attractions, shopping or dining. So if you can't reach a consensus decision about what to do, there's always the option to split off into subgroups for a few hours and let everyone do what suits his or her fancy.

A large cabin can be just like home

Another advantage to staying in a cabin rental is that they offer all the comforts of home and a whole lot more. Most cabins' bedrooms cover all the basics that a motel would (bed, television, bathroom, etc.), but most of the master baths include a whirlpool tub, and the cabins themselves are usually packed with amenities. Kick back in an outdoor hot tub, cook steaks on the barbecue grill, prepare a feast in the full kitchen or even launder your dirty clothes on site. Most cabins have great entertainment options, too, including large-screen TVs for movies and ballgames, gaming systems, board games, pool tables and more.

So, why not get that group together and head to the Smoky Mountains!

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